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Any ideas how to fix a broken fuel pump nipple?
I tried epoxy but it started to leak after a while.
[Bild: twingo-21170626-NBP.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-21170659-8Q8.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-21170733-Fop.jpg]

Also what is the difference between the o rings and the plastic nuts in this diagram?
[Bild: twingo-21165350-GJ2.jpg]

What does it mean
(i) -> 970701
(q) 970701 -> M0D9809
(g) M0D9809 ->

Mine is c3g 1995.
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You can't fix it , the best Option is a new Pump .
The O-Ring works only in the right Position , is a little complicate to find it .
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Espace Freunde Forum has problems with their pictures.
Here ist how someone has done it.
The Espace is worse than the twingo because there is always stress on the fuel line.
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I replaced The whole upper plastic in the pump with a used one I removed from a used pump I got on Ebay.
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How do I keep the pump in place so the arrow stays where it should be when I'm rotating the plastic nut? It turns with it and I can't hold it.
Also I'm using the plastic nut with the o ring which I'm not sure is the right one for my car, my old plastic nut was broken and didn't have an o ring. I had a leak from the nut when filling the tank from more than half. Now I have a tool for screwing it but I don't know how much I should screw it, manual says max 60nm. Anyway I can't hold the pump in place.
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Isn't there a notch?
If not, I don't know.
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There isn't a notch on the early models. What I found out is that the o ring shouldn't be used on these models. This what caused the pump to turn with the nut. Without it, it went perfect.
Also I found out I have a 2A fuse with a gear shift drawing, that if I take it out, the starter will not work.
Also when you turn the key to ignition, the voltage to the fuel pump , 12v will only be on for about 1 second, then it will shut down
I got the nut tighten to about 40nm.
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The 2A fuse belongs to the Quickshift(relay).
The fuel pump will only work for a second on power on self test.
Thats normal, even with the latest models.
And of course, if there a pulses from the flywheelsensor.
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