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panoramadach - pgsxr - 17.04.2016 13:46

I'm starting think about sunnroof - I was reading (maybe reading is to big word because google translator makes funny things during translate form German to Polish) that I would like to ask you about some help. I haven't a clue how guys made/cut hole in their roofs - did they use some shape of hole to be sure dimensions and to make corect place this hole ? As I saw if someone had "faltdach" the hole was the same like "glassdach" but in case if Twingo haven't any of it ?
Would you be so kind and give me some advice ?


RE: panoramadach - Broadcasttechniker - 17.04.2016 18:25


RE: panoramadach - pgsxr - 18.04.2016 06:47

(17.04.2016 18:25)Broadcasttechniker schrieb:  http://www.twingotuningforum.de/thread-18463.html

Danke schone !
Dziękuję bardzo !
Thak you a lot !
Spaiba !
Dděkuji !

RE: panoramadach - pgsxr - 18.04.2016 07:03

P.S. Can someone confirm me for 100% that hole in roof for "faltdach" is exact the same like for "gassdach" ?

RE: panoramadach - dragomir - 18.04.2016 09:28

It is definitely the same.