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Hi all, i thought i would share my twingo with you guys here, here is a thread to the whole thing as it would take a while to post the whole lot on this forum too but take a look.


The car has had a bit of work done now,

Clio 172 RS fuel injectors
external Fuel pressure regulator and return to the fuel tank
air filter relocation
Cat Back exhaust
Bigfront mount intercooler
Remap at EFI Parts

AP Coilovers
15inch OZ F1's
20mm spacers

Currently produces 145bhp and 147ft lb on the dyno

[Bild: twingo-31113919-FqX.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-31114213-RM7.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-31114336-oDj.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-31114420-qkG.jpg]
Next i want to fit a TF035 turbo, i modified a standard manifold to secure it, i will need a custom decat downpipe to make it work but it should be fine as long as the engine will rev higher, i currently go to 6300rpm but i would like 7000 or 7200rpm

[Bild: twingo-31114545-wsR.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-31114609-Y6J.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-31114651-sqn.jpg]
oh i also have 280mm front brakes using the peugeot 307 caliper with clio rs brake disk. Made a great improvement in stopping power over standard
That looks pretty good! Wink Nice Job!
thanks. ill update some pictures soon as in these ones its on 16 inch oz f1s
Welcome. Your GT looks really good. Keep up the good work. How much HP will you gain after changing the Turbo?
im aiming to pass 160bhp with the bigger turbo, hopefully.
protoxide decat pipe fitted today. easy enough to do. dont think much more will be done untill a new clutch is fitted and the big turbo ?
[Bild: twingo-06181118-I2k.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-06181214-Zcy.jpg]

the original pipe is about 40mm thats tiny!
[Bild: twingo-06181258-8Wt.jpg]
a little pull in the twingo, dash reads in mph.


I have a track day booked for the start of July, once that's done I will be upgrading the clutch and turbo ?
[Bild: twingo-13201304-PFU.jpg]

had a great time at blyton park race track, was fun pushing some of the RS Clio's out of the way.
[Bild: twingo-13201746-PfV.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-13201834-kET.jpg]
In Great Britain you have so many nice litte racetracks. Hope, the brexit wont come and i could do next year a Road Trip with some Track fun.
good job
After a spirited drive across north wales, some of the UKs best driving roads the clutch has started to slip occasionally. I have decided to try and retro fit the Volvo 440 turbo clutch (renault f block) the same as we used to do on the Renault 5 GT Turbo, this should cope with a decent increase in power too. Hopefully it will fit when i can get time to fit it all. I also installed a longer 5th gear a while ago.

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