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My Twingo GT from the UK
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RE: My Twingo GT from the UK
So where are we at, Took the twingo to the Cliosport Festival. The drive up was stupid with accidents and diversions along the way and took about 4.5 hours. Drove up with @jezer101 and met up with @ricardo for a night in the hotel. Got up the next day and met up with the rest of you reprobates (y) The car performed ok throughout the day despite the heat so was kept in low power mode. Intake temps stayed only a few above ambient but the coolant wasn't as happy. It would regularly rise to 100-105 and require a cool down. By the end of the day you struggled to get a good 2 laps in before having to cool down. Upgrades are on the cards to address that, I also have a turbo that may be starting to weep a little when up to temperature. First job when home on the Sunday was to give it a once over, no oil in the boost pipework or catch tank. Nothing to note in the bores and compression still the same as it was. Spark plugs looked good too. Though no oil has been spotted in the downpipe I'm still leaning towards it being the culprit of the smoke ?‍♂️ . Only real casualty was the loss of a turbo to downpipe bolt. Anyway @Brigsy has donated me an ali rad so that can go in soon and hopefully help with the cooling and ill try and find myself an undertray which I hope will keep air going through the rad rather than under it.

[Bild: twingo-02215449-b19.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-02215522-HIX.jpg]

02.08.2022 20:55
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