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My Twingo GT from the UK
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RE: My Twingo GT from the UK
Another slightly controversial update, like the tyres, may split opinions. Time will tell if it was a good choice on both ? This year a fair few automotive suppliers jumped on the Black Friday deals thing, this meant that I managed to get a set of front and rear Yellowstuff pads from EBC Direct and some braided hoses from Hel Performance with a chunk off the normal retail price. Fitting went as well as could be expected, I mean changing brake pads isn't a massive task bar one rear calliper refusing to wind back on the car but no biggy. Slap it in the vice and lean on it a little and it moved freely (y) All back on and tested and early thoughts are they are absolutely amazing. Ill get them fully bedded in and report back at a later date. The car is pretty much there I think, nearly everything I wanted to upgrade has been done.... so what's next? get some use out of it I think ?

[Bild: twingo-03171143-D9J.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-03171206-EzT.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-03171237-D5l.jpg]
03.12.2021 17:12
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