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RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - 58PSLockenwickler - 30.04.2021

Stunning figures, I'd love to have a fraction of that. Now if only you had proper roads up there ... Razz

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 01.05.2021

once all the restrictions are lifted ill have to get over to the continent for some really good roads Very Happy we have lots of what we call b roads, country roads which are great fun and a fair few race tracks but nothing like you guys have over there

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 01.05.2021

(30.04.2021, 15:38)Broadcasttechniker schrieb: Das ist ja kaum zu glauben.
Und das Getriebe hält das aus?

so far so good, I am using a diesel JR5 113 5 speed gearbox from a modus, and it has been mapped to bring the torque in gradually and flat to try and not shock load the drivetrain/transmission

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - 58PSLockenwickler - 01.05.2021

(01.05.2021, 06:51)Adeyspec schrieb: once all the restrictions are lifted ill have to get over to the continent for some really good roads Very Happy we have lots of what we call b roads, country roads which are great fun ...

I'm well aware of these as I have driven on them countless times on road trips around the isle and they are indeed great fun, especially when going through beautiful scenery like the Beacons, Snowdonia, the South Coast and everything in between. If you really wanna floor it you'll have to come over, though. We've got plenty of high quality A- and B-roads that make for some epic cornering at 60+ mph. But you can really grow tired of these, at least I do. There's something about the imperfection and ruggedness of those old and narrow British country roads, you just can't afford not being focused 100% of the time. Anyway, be sure to keep us updated on your travel plans, we'd love to follow your high-powered journey across the channel into Germany. Twisted Evil

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 28.07.2021

some more videos up on my YouTube channel. Hopefully by the end of the year i will be able to have one of the UK's fastest twingo's. i hope to run a ver low 13second quarter mile


RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 16.10.2021

I made a little update video on the Twingo, its been pretty much 6 months on the road now and I've had a few messages asking for updates, hopefully this covers them and any other questions I've been sent (y)

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 19.11.2021

And now we have full RS133 suspension fitted, rear disks also along with 300mm front brakes and a whiteline rear anti roll bar Very Happy Shocked

I should really spend some time getting some proper footage for these vids. Though I currently tend to pop out and work on it 15-20min at a time so it gets difficult.

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 03.12.2021

Another slightly controversial update, like the tyres, may split opinions. Time will tell if it was a good choice on both ? This year a fair few automotive suppliers jumped on the Black Friday deals thing, this meant that I managed to get a set of front and rear Yellowstuff pads from EBC Direct and some braided hoses from Hel Performance with a chunk off the normal retail price. Fitting went as well as could be expected, I mean changing brake pads isn't a massive task bar one rear calliper refusing to wind back on the car but no biggy. Slap it in the vice and lean on it a little and it moved freely (y) All back on and tested and early thoughts are they are absolutely amazing. Ill get them fully bedded in and report back at a later date. The car is pretty much there I think, nearly everything I wanted to upgrade has been done.... so what's next? get some use out of it I think ?

[Bild: twingo-03171143-D9J.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-03171206-EzT.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-03171237-D5l.jpg]

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 02.01.2022

Das letzte Update für 2021! Ich habe das Auto jetzt seit etwas mehr als einem Jahr und es hat sich sehr viel verändert, auch wenn man das optisch gar nicht merkt. Es ist im Grunde ein völlig anderes Auto. Es hat mir den Verstand gerettet und mir etwas gegeben, worauf ich mich konzentrieren konnte (y) Am letzten Tag des Jahres habe ich es jedenfalls geschafft, einen frechen Turbotausch mit dem 19T-Hybrid, den ich vor ein paar Wochen gekauft habe, durchzuführen. Nächste Woche habe ich viel zu tun und werde an den Eingeweiden operiert. Danach wird die Mobilität und die Möglichkeit, am Auto zu arbeiten, sehr eingeschränkt sein, also habe ich beschlossen, das jetzt zu tun und es bei EFI anzumelden, wenn sie wieder aufmachen. Es besteht die Möglichkeit, dass sogar das Autofahren für 6 Wochen ausfällt. Ich habe mich entschlossen, ihn erst einmal nur zu "schicken" und die magischen 300 PS anzustreben. Der Turbo sollte eigentlich für ein bisschen mehr gut sein, so dass der nächste Motor, wenn ich einen baue, in Ordnung sein wird. Ich muss noch die Kraftstoffleitung montieren, wenn meine Kraftstoffschläuche auftauchen, aber das sollte eine einfache Aufgabe sein. Der Tausch selbst war sehr einfach, @Brigsy wies mich darauf hin, die kalte Seite zu tauschen, was ein wirklich guter Tipp war, da es nicht nur die Arbeit erleichtert, sondern auch mein "neues" hinteres Gehäuse stark beschädigt war, was ein Gewinn ist. Keine Notwendigkeit, durch den Prozess zu tief zu gehen, lösen Sie einige Bits, entfernen Sie die chra Klemme an das hintere Gehäuse und wackeln aus dem Kern und vorderen Gehäuse, ersetzen Sie sie alle mit dem neuen größeren 19T Kompressor und chra, prime alles dann Feuer es bis, Arbeitsplätze eine gute un (y) Ich habe auch das Hitzeschild / Wasserzufuhr, ich benutze diese nicht auf meinem Auto, aber es bildet einen Teil einer schönen Hitzeschild auf der rechten Seite des Motors. Jetzt ist alles wieder eingebaut und ich warte darauf, dass die Cooksport-Kraftstoffverteilerleiste eingebaut wird und dann hoffentlich Ende Januar/Anfang Februar auf EFI umgestellt wird.

Vielen Dank für das Lesen und ein frohes neues Jahr für Sie alle (y)The last update for 2021! I've had the car back just over a year now and its gone through a huge amount of changes even though visually you wouldn't know it. Its basically a completely different car. Quite the project when you look back at it but its been really fun to build, it has saved my sanity during Covid and given me something to focus on (y) Anyway on the last day of the year I managed to sneak in a cheeky turbo swap using the 19T hybrid I purchased a few weeks back. I've got a lot going on next week and am in for an operation on my guts, after that mobility and having the ability to work on the car will be very limited so I decided to do this now and get it booked in with EFI when they open back up. There's a possibility even driving is going to be off the cards for 6 weeks. I've decided to just "send it" for now and aim for the magical 300bhp. The turbo should actually be good for a chunk more so will be ok on the next engine if I build one. I still have the fuel rail to fit when my fuel hoses turn up but that should be an easy job to do. The swap itself was very easy, @Brigsy pointed me in the direction of doing a cold side swap which was a really good shout as not only does it make the job easier my "new" rear housing was badly cracked so a win there. No need to go through the process too in depth, undo some bits, remove the chra clamp to the rear housing and wiggle out the core and front housing, replace it all with the new bigger 19T compressor and chra, prime it all then fire it up, jobs a good un (y) I also modified the heat shield/water feed, I don't use this on my car but it forms part of a nice heat shield on the right of the engine. All back in, awaiting the Cooksport fuel rail to be fitted then off to EFI hopefully at the end of Jan/start of Feb.

Thanks for reading and Happy new year to you all (y)

[Bild: twingo-02224441-wMq.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-02224515-thw.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-02224552-had.jpg]

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 27.01.2022

Not really had much time to do anything or much to do on this really. Replaced the oil cap as mine has been broken forever, found the correct part numbered item on ebay so got that. I was gifted a stack of bits that included a decent sized air filter which looks tidy, it's from a mk7 golf but was easily made to fit the twingo. Looks a little neater in there now vs my dirty s2000 item. I have a green dot actuator on the way and hopefully a new exhaust which all being well I will get before mapping which is booked for the 2nd. The exhaust is a 2.5inch system which will replace my home made 2.5 mid section and 2.25 back box. Won't make much difference I don't think as its only really increasing the bore of the last foot and a half of my current setup. Plan is to get Scoff to try and get as close to 300bhp as it will do but without it letting go.... Big ask so keep your fingers crossed for me ??

[Bild: twingo-27140020-EaO.jpg]

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 05.02.2022

The usual waffle about the car, a trip to EFI parts and the results. Small issue with the actuator on the way meaning I drove 100+ miles with no boost, It became an NA f4r.... it was slow lol. The next video should be a lot better (y)


RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 21.02.2022


RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 01.04.2022

Latest YouTube update is going live

I will update the thread soon too with pics (y)

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 30.04.2022

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 10.07.2022

Little bit of prep gone on with the car now we are nearing 2k on the engine. Oil and filter change done, 3rd since the build so ill probably switch back to normal services now. I still need to give the brakes a little bleed I think. I was going to get the alignment changed up for something more track focused like I normally run but its not really worth it for a half day session. I have added a 4 point harness to the car in the best way I can, not ideal with an oem seat but id rather that and be pinned in than strain my stomach muscles (which are still a little off since the op) trying to stay in the seat. Rears in at 22 degrees into 2 x FIA compliant eye bolts and plates, mounted in sheer and 2 x b23a snap brackets beside the seats. Itll do for me (y)

Managed to slap together a video, I think I need to sort a decent microphone for the old gopro and the phone for some reason keeps corrupting videos an pictures. All probably just old and worn out tbh.

Looking forward to the CSFestival, will be a good run out and be great to catch up with folk after the lack of events in the last few years.