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My Twingo GT from the UK - Druckversion

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RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 20.09.2019

So as i like to drive abit hard, and get involved on track when i can i decided to upgrade the front suspension to Clio RS wishbones and 25mm anti roll bar along with powerflex bushes. This adds nearly 4 degrees of caster which in turn gives more camber when turning an dduring compression. The thicker arb (1mm) and the fact it clamps to the wishbone have really tightened up the front end loads, It feels like a new car Laughing i also made a short shift kit for the total cost of £2.


RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Aloha Joe - 24.09.2019

I like your short-shifter solution.
how much shorter is the switching path?

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 25.09.2019

the shift is just over 1inch shorter and the gearstick is 1/2 inch closer to the driver

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Aloha Joe - 25.09.2019

in your picture, you have edited only one lever.
There are two levers on the gearbox for the ropes.
have you also worked the upper lever?

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 29.09.2019

no just the one lever to reduce forward and back motion. the top one could be done also though i dont think it really needs it. I find the factory setup quite short anyway. i only did ot as I couldn't find anyone selling a kit to shorten it.

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 16.11.2019

A few more parts arrived for the big turbo conversion. Need to get a cheap universal actuator on there and buy in some stainless bends and straight and i can start on the down pipe. I will probably mate it to the decat pipe i already have for ease though i might try and increase the outlet size off the turbo from 2 inch to 2.5 to aid spool. Don't want to run a full 2.5inch system though as for the power and size of the engine im sure it would be overkill. The rear housing is already divorced so i had the flange made to suit it, trying to stop myself giving it a bonnet screamer pipe and make it so it rejoins the DP. Car also clocked over to 47k this morning, pretty sure it was sub 35k when i got it.

[Bild: twingo-16101020-zyp.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-16101045-WDA.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-16101108-gjJ.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-16101131-l5c.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-16101153-3Vp.jpg]

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 07.02.2020

I sold the car to a new owner a few months back

I have just purchased her back lol Laughing

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 23.02.2020

i fitted a meg 250rs steering wheel and its made a massive improvement to the feel of the car    

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Toshi123 - 26.05.2020

What about the airbag? From what I remember megane has 2-step airbag. How did you wire it?

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 04.03.2021

Its been a while since ive posted, ive been home due to the pandemic since march 2020 bar a little bit of part time work before chirstmas which has given me lots of time to work on my other car, 1957 Renault Dauphine, i built a 1108cc engine for it and fitted it in with a 4 speed box. Next up has been the Twingo, i wanted more power......... the little engine wasnt enough. So ive started to build a conversion using all renault parts.

[Bild: twingo-04184535-QwN.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-04184618-XWz.jpg]
[Bild: twingo-04184740-Wei.jpg]

Megane r26 engine, block drilled for 5 speed
172 sump, 172 flywheel, twingo rs133 clutch cover, duel friction plate, megane 5 speed dci jr5 gearbox so i retain the the hydro clutch and cable shift, GT passenger side driveshaft, hybrid right hand side shaft, inner Clio 3 DCI outer half is 172. Miltek 3 inch downpipe. Walbro 255ltr fuel pump and 4bar FPR. GT throttle body and modified GT wiring loom to suit the engine.

All runs on the GT ecu which will be remapped to suit the new engine


Hope to get it finished in the next 2 months so i can take it for mapping on the dyno, I want 250bhp from it so not really pushing the engine but should be quite quick

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 06.03.2021

and then today this happened


RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 24.03.2021

and now we have the first test drive



RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 04.04.2021


RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Adeyspec - 30.04.2021

So my Twingo GT now produces 277bhp and 300lbft of torque Shocked its quite the hand full now Very Happy

Take a look on you tube and hit the subscribe button



[Bild: twingo-30152154-WoS.jpg]

[Bild: twingo-30152247-iWe.jpg]

RE: My Twingo GT from the UK - Broadcasttechniker - 30.04.2021

Das ist ja kaum zu glauben.
Und das Getriebe hält das aus?